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Honours & Awards


There are many people who volunteer their time to help with various Legion functions and activities. Our Legion could not function without the dedication of so many volunteers and a method of recognizing various people and organizations for all their work has been implemented.


Comrades whose service and dedication to our Legion's purposes and objectives are vital to our organization and are greatly appreciated. The Legion honours these comrades by awarding them Past Officer Medals and Bars.


A Certificate of Merit or a Certificate of Appreciation may be granted to organizations, groups, or persons outside of the legion in recognition of service(s) rendered to, or on behalf of, our legion.

The Legion puts on a dinner each year to honour our most outstanding volunteers.

It is imperative that we keep a record of all our volunteer hours. Particular Grants that the Legion applies for require a record of volunteer hours. Therefore we ask that all our volunteers complete the “Record of Volunteer Hours” book found at the sign-in table.

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